Leeds Records

leedsLeeds Records is an independent label which formed by Zaka Sandra Novian in early 2015 based in Jakarta, Indonesia. They’re adapting their name from an England football club, Leeds United. They pick that name based from their fondness and as a tribute for that club which succeed in early 2000’s. Until now, Leeds Records has had several bands under theirs, which include The Young Liars, Sirati Dharma, Strange Fruit, ZZUF, Moonbeams, Feast, Morscode, and Fuzzy, I.

Debut release from Leeds Records was The Young Liars debut album entitled “Rue Massena” which was released on March 11th 2015 with the format CD, Cassete, and Digital. And then followed with several releases in the form of Cassete for ZZUF, Strange Fruit, Animalism and in the form of CD for Sirati Dharma, which is already sold out. Leeds Records can be said to be one of independent record label which successfully kicked the independent local music scene because all of their releases in Record Store Day 2015 was sold out.




  • SFStrange Fruit is an Indonesia four-piece indie rock group originating from Jakarta, Indonesia. The band consisting of Baldi Calvianca (Guitar/ Vocal), Irza Aryadiaz (Bass), Nabil Favian (Synthesizer), Ilham Putra Endah (Drums) have describe themselves as noise pop though they incorporate a wide range of genres including garage rock, art rock, shoegaze and ambient as well as significant pop elements.


  • MorscodeMORSCODE is an alternative indie rock band from Jakarta, Indonesia with Agam (Guitar/Vocal), Hendy (Guitar), Gilang (Guitar), Tyo (Bass), and Dioma (Drums).



  • FeastFormed back in 2012, Feast serves the realm of gloom, misty rock ever since. Combining multiple genres like psychedelic, doom, and hard rock, with diverse influences from The White Stripes to Led Zeppelin and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, they capture conditions of the human soul and its connection with society through the sequence of sounds. Utilizing Baskara Putra on vocal and loops, Dicky Renanda and Adnan Satyanugraha on guitars, Fadli Fikriawan on bass, and Adrianus Aristo Haryo on drums, they are taking stages to dark tours, as nothing feels like a Feast of the soul.



  • Fuzzy,IFuzzier than you.