Oddysey Vol.4

Get ready for ODYSSEY vol. 4 at Lobbyn Sky Terrace, will be having on sunday sunset session in the house. Experience our music with the best BBQ and pool party.

Sunday, March 11th 2018
4 PM onwards

Feel all the sensations with music by :
• DHIKA @andhikaprawira
• DITA @ditapws
• J. FARABIAN x DROI @j.farabian @dr0ks
• GASKIN x NAY @imgggaskin@nardgeisha
• ADEAN x HENOKH @adeanteggs@kevinhenokh
• ADAMDADO x DITSO @adamdadoo@ditsomuharam
• WINO x RADIT @arsetiow @ra.buns
and treat your eyes with the visuals by : LINGGA Z @lingga_z
Specials promo :
* BBQ + soju by shoot only 100k (nett).
* Soju 160k (nett).
* Buy 1 get 1 free cocktails & wine by glass
* Heineken pitcher 180k (nett).
* Mix Beer bucket 200k (nett).
* Twin Bottle Vodka/Gin/Rum 1.6m (nett).
* Disc 25% off all food items.

Lobbyn Sky Terrace
Liberta Hotel
Jl. Kemang I No. 6, Jakarta Selatan
For details, please call : 021-29529047