Haum Records

HAUMENTERTAINMENTHaum Entertainment is an independent record label and entertainment media based in Malang, Indonesia. Formed in 2014, with debut release of Write The Future’s 2nd EP Album called ‘Bury My Trace Someone Will Take My Place’, Haum Entertainment began as a project to bring the local talent from Indonesia, especially from Malang and East Java, that have uniqueness and originality to the local music scene. Up to now, Haum Entertainment has released several albums of local bands such as Write The Future, Beeswax, Much, Hello Knuckles, Shewn, Folkapolka, and Brightside Haze. Also 4 Fingers Down, Take This Life and Much (deluxe edition) on cassette format.



  • Much is an indie rock unit from Malang which begin from duo format whom initiated by Aulia Anggia and Dandy Gilang. They brought an indie rock but with American pop punk-ish feel and also with mild eminent vocal which combine with a balance composition made the song sounds easy to listen to. Refering to the music group with a female vocals like Lemuria and also the greatness of Alvvays made them very suitable for every moments, whether it’s happy or sad. And even more, the lyrics which they’ve brought was not far from a teenage expression of their love life and their life while they’re young.




  • SHEWNShewn is a band based from Malang, East Java. They formed at the end of 2014, SHEWN is consist of five kids living in the same town with same passion and that is Ekki as a singer, Raveizal Ario Sayoga and Endar as Guitarist, Afif as bass player and Rio as a drummer. They wrote their song as honest as they want to , they took their stories in every aspect of life and put it down on the paper and they shout it out loud. SHEWN are lifting up the emotional music genre to covering up the words itself. They wrote many songs that represent their stories, their perspective, and their visionary.




  • TAKETHISLIFETake This Life is a chaotic/emo/post hardcore band, hailing from Malang, Indonesia. The band was established on 2004 by a group of hardcore/emo loving youth. Their influences are drawn from the likes of Saetia, Converge, The Number Twelve Looks Like You, High High Low Low, and many more. So far they’ve released There’s no Deer in the Forest EP (2010), Animus Animalis (album, 2013), and NUMBERS (2015). Each of their releases has distinct themes and concept, overall focusing on the human condition. Their liveshow is the very definition of chaotic wreck, with noises and instruments flinging about, best enjoyed without any expectation.